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While our programs are highly individualized based on your own child’s specific needs, many parents have common questions about ways to help their child increase skills and make transitions easier. Jamie has collected her best tips for parents and caregivers below. Check back for more in the future!

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TIPS From Jamie

Does your child refuse to put their face in the water?

  • Have them blow a toy (such as fish or duck) across the water
  • Have them kiss the water

Does your child have a hard time with transitions?

  • Try to keep their routine consistent and predictable as much as possible (consistent meal time, bed time, TV time, free time etc.)
  • Go over your plan for day each morning, use visuals and verbal prompts

Does your child fight when getting dressed because nothing feels right?

  • Give them some deep pressure on their skin before dressing by having them lie down and roll a therapy ball deeply over their body
  • Let them help pick out their clothes the night before

Does your child have a hard time sitting upright at the table (falling out of chair, head on their hand etc.)?

  • Have them exercise to wake up their core muscles first!
  • Have them sit on a wiggle seat or therapy ball

Does your child have trouble concentrating on their homework?

  • Try playing relaxing music such as classical, jazz or nature sounds (no words) in the background
  • Schedule movement breaks every 5-10 minutes

Does your child have a hard time holding their crayon correctly?

  • Have them use short crayons so they can only use their fingers to hold it
  • Have them use small tweezers and grabbers to pick up game pieces or put objects in a container

Want more tips that are specific to your unique situation?

Contact Infinity OT and Jamie will be happy to set up a consult for you and your child.