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Providing Cognitive, Physical, Emotional and Social Support to Help Your Child Develop Into Their Best Self

Exceptional Individualized Occupational Therapy for Children

Infinity OT offers personal programs based on individual needs of a child and their family. Children who have difficulties with daily routines in their daily environment can benefit from the help of occupational therapy. Through proven methods and training, Jamie uses a consistent approach that can help your child strengthen motor skills, coordination, strength, endurance, sensory processing, emotional regulation or attention concerns.

Jamie focuses on small steps to achieve success, and promotes parent participation in order to create sustainable progress. We hope to help families achieve their goals and to become an advocate for you and your child!

Consultation Services

Looking for just a little help??  Infinity offers consultation services!  Schedule a phone or video conference with Jamie to discuss your child’s individual concerns.  Services offered through consultation include:

  • Suggestions and strategies that are catered towards your child’s areas of difficulty
  • Videos and visuals to support you in implementing suggestions
  • Continued support via phone, email and video to help support you in implementing suggestions
  • Feeding Therapy Programs

    We integrate posture, sensory, motor, behavioral/learning, medical and nutritional factors to comprehensively evaluate and manage children with feeding/growth problems.

  • Aquatic Therapy & Swim Lessons

    As a certified swim instructor, Jamie offers swim instruction for children of all abilities. She also delivers aquatic-based occupational therapy intervention as part of individualized programs.

  • Pediatric Occupational Therapy

    Infinity OT can help children work on underlying skills that are preventing them from full participation in their daily routines and activities of daily living.

  • Sensory Processing Programs

    We can help children with difficulties in processing sensory information (auditory, visual, tactile, etc.), in order to help them overcome frustrations, meltdowns, or social challenges.

Jamie is dedicated to your child’s progress!  What We Do

Success Stories

My son took swim lessons with Jamie before he turned 3 years old. He had no experience being in or near water. It was amazing to see the progress Jamie made with him in only a few short weeks. He went from barely standing in ankle deep water to wearing goggles, a swimmy and kicking his feet to propel himself around the pool with Jamie by his side. Jamie is an excellent swim instructor, very patient with little ones, professional and responsive. Though my son was barely 3 and now is almost 4 years old, he continues to talk about swim lessons. Jamie and swimming made a lasting impression on him. I would highly recommend her.

- Elizabeth

We were so fortunate to find Jamie, as I have twin two year old sons with special needs, one who requires Jamie’s support with feeding as he has significant sensory needs which severely impacts his feeding habits. Jamie’s knowledge of what works to support him as well as her patience’s is admirable. I love and appreciate the bag of calming gadgets that she brings, Jamie takes the extra time to notice his individual needs (although my other son enjoys it too). I can honestly say that Jamie’s relaxing approach as she works with my son to develop and improve in his areas of need, as well as educating myself and family on how to continue to follow through with support so he can be successful has exceeded my expectations. Jamie goes above and beyond, and you can see without a doubt that she truly cares for her clients. I am so thankful for Jamie and know that with her on our team, my son will continue to make great gains.

- Jessica

Water is a vital component for a healthy body. Not just for drinking, but for exercise too. The pool allows the body to maneuver in ways that it would not necessarily be able to do on land, using muscles and body parts that you probably didn’t know you had.

Jamie at Infinity OT was very professional, friendly, and understanding.  She explained the exercises and treatment to myself and my son.  She is able to engage even the crankiest of teenagers to enjoy aquatic therapy/exercise.  The one-on-one care he received was great as it ensured that he was doing his exercises correctly.  We highly recommend Jamie and are very thankful for her help in our son’s journey.

- Tiffany

Jamie is truly amazing! Before Jamie, we lacked the necessary life-skills to help support our son through his difficult times at school and home. Through her communication and expertise, she has helped our son develop and grow at new levels through her detailed program. Jamie is organized, thoughtful in her approach, and gives clear suggestions to work on until the next session.

She continues to work to help our son apply these life-skills to his daily challenges. Jamie is clear, direct, and detailed when working with our son. He loves all her creative games and activities and looks forward to her visits. I would recommend her again and again! We love working with Jamie!

- Katrina

Jamie has been working with Alex for over 8 months now and we have seen terrific progress. Alexander was intubated for 3 months and spent 8 months in the NICU which led to extreme oral aversion and a placement of a G-Tube. With Jamie’s knowledge and patience Alex is now eating small pieces of apple, crunching on hard snacks and more accepting of different textures of foods. Can not recommend her enough!

- Emma

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